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Importance Of Systems: Talent Only Gets Us So Far

Break through your glass ceiling and rediscover the importance of a systematic approach.

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A Great Introduction With SEEC Factors

Establish the dynamic early: SEEC magnetism and the simple things.

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Impulse Factors And The Power Of The Decision

The "secret sauce" to getting a customer decision today. Mind Your Impulse Factors and set the pace for a pleasant sales conversation.

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Right Place Right Time: Keys to Territory Management and Situational Awareness

Closers have great situational awareness. Master your space and understand the power of managing your territory effectively.  

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Strong Words VS. Soft Words : Creating Your Character Dossier

Create and understand your sales persona. Strengthen your presentation with strong language. Explore "future talk" and allow your assumptions to work for you. 

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Consultative Selling for the Systematic Person:
Hearing Understanding Overcoming Objections

Some valuable acronyms to keep you present and prepared. Get swept away in the conversation, come back with the system. 

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Breaking Away: Know What your Doing and Be Doing It.

Exploring intentionality, goals, presence, situational awareness, disengaging and RRR.

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Five Step Conversation. Steps To Get The YES Today

A system to build your pitch. 

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Play The Game ALL IN

The importance of "buy in."

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Reporting The News AND Building Rapport

Build rapport while still moving through the sales conversation. 

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Today We Will: Creating A Goals List that Works For You And Your Team

The way we speak our goals matters. Master a contagious goal-setting approach. 

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Lets Just KISS:
Keep It Short and Simple.

"People who do a lot of explaining have a lot of explaining to do."


Drop the jargon.


Wise is the One who learns to dumb it down. 


Assuming The Sale:
Vison, Action, Intentionality.

Here's what we are going to do; actualize your big idea. 


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3 Phrases that will make you money, save you time, and command leadership. 

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Pillars of Growth:
Building On A Strong Foundation

3 keys to being a quality person and business partner. 

8 great work habits that will have you "winning."

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